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Image However, I recommend you start with Fundación for two reasons, one is that the book consists of several short stories, long stories, so if it doesn't work out, you wouldn't have spent much time. In my collection I can't find "La Grieta", among Doris Lessing's novels that I have in digital format. I propose the series of novels "The World of the River": all humanity that has existed throughout the resurrected times and put on a planet at the same time by mysterious beings. - The Expanse (The awakening of the Leviatan, The Caliban War, The Gates of good sci fi audiobooks Abbadon, etc ...) Surely you know the homonymous series, but the novels, as always better. I was reading it in a collection of paperback books, every time I had to travel on the bus, I walked to the sites, I took the book out of my pocket and read it. Too bad these lists are always science fiction. # 44 That's the good one (but the hard one), but they can also

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Image You have a complete guide to record and edit audiobooks in Librivox In Spanish, Lend your voice. Professionals use paid programs such as Sony's Sound Forge. Adobe Audition More affordable is AVS Audio Converter, which includes specific tools for editing audiobooks, mixing separating files. Many audiobooks are created using the DAISY format, which mixes MP3 and XML to create audiobooks accessible through an index, searches, bookmarks, etc. DAISY was designed with the almost 150 million blind people with serious vision problems in the world in mind, with the intention of facilitating the creation of audiobooks. In the car, lining up in the bank, while jogging in the morning, in the shower, etc., the spaces in which audiobooks are of great use as an alternative to those who love books are counted but do not occasionally We have the opportunity to enjoy reading its contents. Producing an audiobook is a task that involves many elements, from the author who helps tra

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Image Additionally, Rowling wrote six secondary books that are located within the plot universe of the eight major novels. In the sixth book he gives private lessons to Harry, george orwells audiobooks teaching him about the horcruxes At the end of this novel, he is killed by Severus Snape, leaving the magical world at the mercy of Voldemort's second uprising. The first Harry Potter book was published in the United Kingdom by Bloomsbury in June 1997 and in the United States by Scholastic in September 1998, upon payment of $ 105,000 to Rowling, an unprecedented sum for a children's book for the right to the editions in the US 35 Fearing that some of the readers did not understand the word "philosopher" or associate it with a magical theme (the philosopher's stone is related to alchemy), Scholastic insisted that the book be renamed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) for the US market. Rowling wrote t

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Image As for the mass of readers, Generation Z can save the world from the book, since it is from the age of 10 that reading occupies a leading role within this mass of readers, however a progressive deterioration is observed as advances towards the age of majority. For its part, The Objective team also recommends The Woman with Red Hair, the new novel of the Nobel Prize for Literature Orhan Pamuk, the novelty of Seix Barral, The Shy Assassin of Clara Usón. The Renaissance Editorial initiative to rescue female voices is also highlighted Spanish as Clara Campoamor Concha Méndez. Now you can leave your phone at home and carry your Audible books on your Apple Watch. The Audible subscription is $ 14.95 per month and allows you to get a free audiobook every 30 days, although you can also pay annually ($ 149.50). AudioBooks can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store and has a free 30-day trial through which you can access your first audiobook. Professionally rec

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Image Beowul ", the first poem belonging to the English language has elements that could be considered science fiction. But beware, it contains some small spoiler, so I recommend, once again, read the novel first. We particularly enjoyed interviewing Tim Powers and Brandon Sanderson and his are the first books on our list of recommended gifts. Impressive mixture of history, biography and myth in a novel full of details and nuances. During this past year, both have published several books in the Spanish market, interesting and perfect as a gift. 'Perillán' offers this opportunity with a Dickensian picaresque novel with many reminiscences to Mundodisco. Pat himself warns him in the prologue, perhaps this book is not for everyone. This year we bring you two very different science fiction proposals. Also recognized for his work as a soap opera screenwriter such as "Santa Diabla" and "The house next door", Valenzuela said he was aware of the h

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Image In iVoox, you can play, download and share audios of all kinds, not just podcasts, they can also be radio programs, audiobooks, conferences, audiobooks, etc. Audible, Amazon's audiobook service with 150,000 audio titles and already known as the new audiobook Netflix. " Download the free software that will allow you to organize, index and access your already downloaded audiobooks. You can transfer your audiobooks to a portable device, pass them to your cell phone, CD DVD leave them on the PC and listen to them there. On the other hand, they always keep you informed in your email of news, special discounts for members and all the information you want about best sci fi audiobooks audiobooks. And the best part is that you won't have to wait for any CD book to arrive in the mail. You download the audiobook directly to your cell computer, and you can enjoy it now, in an even more compressed format than the mp3, and fully compatible with all devices. You can

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Image Many books, some better than others, but a really interesting plot. The player of Iain M. Banks: One of the most interesting tourist books of recent years. The first three books of the Foundation are a must read, but the complete saga should also be found in your library. Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation are among the books I have read the most in my life. I remember when I read these 3 books 15 years ago. Best dystopian and post apocalyptic fiction: best science fiction audiobooks 2,963 books - 22,852 voters. The best time travel fiction: 1,479 books - 4,431 voters. The best books of Steampunk: 973 books - 4,174 voters. New speculative fiction stars: 1,046 books - 2,558 voters. But basically you will find books of the so-called LGBT theme, whose plot revolves around the romance between two queer characters and / about their gender identity, their sexuality. It's a short gothic horror novel, written in 1872, that tells Laura's story